Client Story – Chip H.

Congratulations to our January Member of the Month - Chip Hester!  Chip is a fellow Park Circle Business Owner over at OTT Distributors, which is conveniently located right down the road from the gym.  He recently decided to walk down and give us a go.  We are so glad...

Let’s talk about CrossFit

In late 1995, Coach Glassman, an eccentric, Libertarian, college dropout in Santa Cruz was fired from his seventh gym for making clients scramble up a 30 ft column in the middle of the gym. The eccentric coach built a small following by prescribing wacky routines that combined gymnastics and weightlifting.

Ten Reasons Why CrossFit is for Women

Every day, real women like you are going to constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement CrossFit classes. Here are 10 reasons why you should try it too: 1. You can start today. Everything can be modified to meet your fitness level, no matter where that is...

What Would Beth’s Student Say?

Beth Cosi is a magical unicorn… She’ll get you moving, she’ll meet you where you are, and all you have to do is show up…., a great introduction to yoga if it’s your first time, and always brimming with something for the more seasoned yogi too!

Staying on Track Through The Holidays

So in an effort to talk myself off the ledge of self-sabotage this holiday season, I’m going to outline four areas of focus and provide a few tips and tricks to help us all navigate these next few weeks without making our New Year’s Goals more challenging!

What is HIIT? Why Reboot?

With Re-Boot right around the corner… You may be thinking to yourself, “why should this be part of my weekly fitness routine?” Or, “am I even ‘fit’ enough to do a high-intensity interval workout?” After almost a year of coaching Red Zone (a heart-rate targeted high-intensity interval workout) and several years of personal training with this style, I hear these questions all the time!

Built to Scale

We call it “scaling” the workout, but we just mean “optimizing.” Decreasing the load is not a lesser version of “Rx,” just a different measure. As you’ll see when you join a group, there might be ten different “scaled” versions of the same workout happening at the same time. Everyone works as hard as everyone else. Everyone finishes together. Everyone smiles.

Client Story- Tina E.

In the real world Tina has a job that’s near and dear to our hearts; She takes care of our Vets as a pharmacist at the VA here in Charleston. She can often be found nerding out with Coach Jay (they’re both closet nerds for sure) about the healthcare system, new medications, anatomy and physiology, and a host of other things that only 2 health professionals could enjoy talking about.  

Coach Clint’s Guide to RX vs. Scaled

We’re all on the same health and fitness journey, but we’re all at different spots along the way. We all have off days where our body may not be cooperating and we need to adjust the workout for the day. Even professional CrossFit Games athletes will scale their workouts to meet their needs!



We can help with that! Come in and meet with our knowledgeable and caring staff and let us talk to you about how we can help you meet your goals and have fun doing it.