Friday 1/10/2020

Come out to our ‘Happy Hour How to’ event!  This is the half way point check in for those LocoFam doing the nutrition challenge.  It’s also a guide on the best practices to follow for a happy hour that won’t derail you (plus it’s a happy hour…come hang out)!
P.S. We also have a group grocery shopping trip on this Sunday for those doing the nutrition challenge!



A)  Water Heater

2k Row

Directly Into

10-20-30-40- 50 -40-30-20-10
Doubleunders Unbr.

Directly Into

100 Kb Snatch 53/35

***Can be completed in any order but you must finish ALL of one movement before moving to the next.

Strategy and Briefing

With the many parts of this Heavy Breathing workout, it can be easy to get caught up in just one aspect. The Row should be done at a pace that lets you get off the rower, take a handful of breaths, and be ready to do sets of doubleunders. Work to keep your breathing consistent & constant throughout so that you do not tip lactic. The 2k row is an easy portion to mispace. Remember the big picture. When moving into the Doubleunders, be conscious of fatigue due to the unbroken sets. Take a few moments before starting each set to be sure you can hit it unbroken. Having to redo sets frequently will cause this portion to drag on for too long. Focus on breathing here to stay calm & consistent with the reps. When you get into the Kb Snatches, push the pace. Move as fast as technique & breathing allow. Do big sets.

Levels Consideration: Rowing, Kettlebell, N&C Endurance

Goal:  Sub 30 Min


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