Saturday 1/11/2020

Marathon on Saturday!  You’re gonna have to walk or ride your bike to get to the gym.



A)  Shower Hat

5 min AMRAP
1k/800m Row
In Remaining Time
AMRAP Burpees
Rest 2:00

5 min AMRAP
800m Run
In Remaining Time
AMRAP Jumping CtB
Rest 2:00

Whole Process x 2

Strategy and Briefing

Breathing is the operative term in this Workout. Do not forget it! You want to hit the Row at a good pace — about 85-90% of your max. This will leave you with enough juice to get a few Burpees in before the 5 minutes is up. Work on fluid & controlled movement through the Burpees — don’t rush (especially in the first round). Take the same approach into the Running & Jumping CtB portion — 85-90% on the Run and smooth, consistent movement on Jumping CtB. Look to beat your score on the second time through. And (in case you forgot) BREATHE!

Levels Consideration: Rowing, Running, API

Goal:  40 Reps


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