Tuesday 1/14/2020

Levels Re-Assessments start MONDAY!!  Class cap will be bumped up to 16 people through assessments 🙂



A)  Bill The Pony

4 Rounds for Time

• 10 Strict Pullups
• 12 Pistols
• 30 Abmat Situps
• 200m Run

Strategy and Briefing

This Breathe & Burn workout it should really be breathe & BURN. The Breathing will come via the Run (and to some extend in pistols/lunges) and you will catch it in the Pullups & Situps. But the Burn will be present throughout. Break up the Pullups from the start, to maintain quality & avoid failing in the later rounds. Move smooth through the Pistols, alternating on each rep to delay fatigue as much as possible. Go straight through, no stops, on Abmat situps. 30 reps is low enough to do unbroken sets consistently. Move at a good clip on the Run, 85-90%. You will be able to catch your breath on the Pullups every round, so there is no reason to pace too much. You can pick up the pace as you approach the final round. Go to Singles on Pullups if needed, to push into the end.

Levels Consideration:  UB Pull, Squat Endurance

Goal:  Sub 17 Min


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