Thursday 1/16/2020


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A)  The Long Haul

For Total Reps

5 min Cal Row
1:00 Rest
5 min Box Stepups
1:00 Rest
5 min Run/ Light Sled

Repeat the whole process for a total of 2 Rounds

Strategy and Briefing

Breathing, Breathing and more Breathing is what it’s about in today’s intervals. Find a smooth & steady pace through all 5 minutes of each interval — about 75-80%.  Work on keeping not only breathing consistent, but movement mechanics as well. Be careful when pushing to the upper ranges of your pacing — if you go too fast, 1 minute may not be enough to recover so you can maintain consistently.  This workout will get rough only if you go too fast, too early — so stay smart! Ease into each interval & pick up the pace as you settle in.

Levels Consideration:  API

Goal:  350+ Reps


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