Maybe at the start of last year your idea of fitness was ‘fittin’ this’ whole doughnut in your mouth. Maybe the holidays even derailed you a bit. Luckily for us, the New Year brings a fresh start!
But what exactly is THE thing we should start doing? Where should you focus your energy? My advice before taking any action in 2020 is to assess where you are right now.
I created a relatively quick health and fitness assessment for you to do just that.
Our Fitness Assessment digs deeper into each of the five factors of health (see video in the post), takes stock of where we are currently, and gives you ACTIONABLE advice on the best way to move forward.
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A) Engine Room

6 Sets For Weight (NOT TIME)

2 Power Clean &
Jerk heavy
15 sec Heavy Sled Push (225/155+)

***Rest as needed b/t Sets***

Strategy and Briefing

Power Output Workouts always seem like they won’t be that bad, until that 3rd or 4th set of Max Effort Sled.  Start at a moderate weight on the Power Clean & Jerks, and finish at something heavy. Every rep should be crisp & consistent.  Don’t push the weight at the expense of quality. Each sled bout should be at 100% (ME = Max Effort) in order to hit peak power. This will take a lot out of you every round.  Rest as needed to maintain quality on the weightlifting, and effort on the Sled.  Expect the rest to increase with each round.

Levels Consideration: Weightlifting

Goal: Heavy AF


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