Thursday 1/23/2020


We’re hosting a potluck at the gym, bring something on the healthy side to share and any beverage you like!
Friends and family are welcome!

We’ll be recognizing our January Jumpstart Nutrition Challenge Winners, but EVERYONE is welcome.
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Assess Aerobic Power Intervals


1 min at each station Each x 3, for a total of 17 minutes

1) Back Squat 45/35
2) DB Snatch 50/35
3) Box Jumps 24/20
4) Row
5) Burpees
1 min Rest

Strategy and Briefing

API is requires a lot of pacing and planning. You should have a game plan in terms of reps and goals for each round. Just as with the Running Test, if you hit that first round 100% you will be on pace for a HUGE Level-up … but do NOT do it — you will fall off quick! Too fast equals fail. Make a PLAN to hit the Level you are shooting for — your partner can help you stick to it. When you get to the last round, empty the tank & finish strong. In planning, make sure you emphasize the movements you are good at, and get your big scores there. Also, plan to stop at about 50 sec on each interval, except the last one in each round, to give yourself a chance to catch your breath & transition smoothly. Going all the way up to the minute will burn you out.

Levels Consideration:  API

Goal:  Level Up!


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