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Running is a natural thing most people are able to do, just like squatting. However, even though we squat every day there is a right and wrong way to do it. Like Squatting, running can be done incorrectly and over time can impede your ability to move properly. Additionally a lot of workouts incorporate running. I want you to be a kickass 90 year old and part of that includes the ability to keep up with your grandchildren, or the ability to run away from a charging bear trying to eat dinner.

Join Coach Adam in this six week course focusing on the pose running technique. The course is designed to get the most out of your running; safely and efficiently. If you catch yourself wanting to skip a workout because running is involved, this class is for you. If you opt-out of running because it hurts your knees, hips, or ankles; this course is for you. If you’re planning to do the Bridge Run, this course would be a great time to establish good habits.

6 Week Run Course: Improving Efficiency
Location: Danny Jones Track in Park Circle
Start Date: 2/17/2020
End Date: 3/28/2020
Time: Monday/Thursday 6:30pm
Cost: $99 for Members and $129 for Non-members
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A)  Front Squat

Assess your Front Squat


4-6 Sets

8 Front Squats

B) Kettlebell

Assess Kettlebell


40 sec On/ 20 sec Off x 10 Rounds

Kb Snatch 53/35

Strategy and Briefing

No matter what your variation, the Kettlebell Test is brutal. One of the hardest categories on the MAP. It requires mental fortitude AND good strategy. Maintain solid positioning and use the glutes on every rep, to avoid fatiguing too early. Be conservative when deciding what Level to shoot for — don’t go for more than two Levels higher than your current, to avoid completely missing a Level-up. If you start out at too hot a pace, you’re are likely to completely fall off, unable to recover. Generally, one of three areas will fatigue faster than others: 1) grip, 2) low back or 3) breathing. Be mindful going in!

Levels Consideration:  Front Squat, Kettlebell

Goal:  Level Up!


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