Monday 1/27/2020


Assessment week 2! Holy crap if you’re on this page you’ve seen the amount of improvement we’ve had. Keep up the hard work. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve done so far, you should be too.

I have one quick note for you.

I’ve heard from a few of you that you’re feeling pretty beat up physically. Testing is extremely taxing on your body as you push near maximum capacity repeatedly for days.

Remember, this type of training is potent. We normally try and deliver the minimum effective dose to keep you progressing but not overdoing it. Right now we’re overloading everything and you need to be careful with your volume (how often you workout) so you don’t end up over training.
I encourage you to take rest days at least every 4th day (3 days on, 1 day off) to help keep you healthy. Remember we repeat each assessment at least twice, plus make up days. There’s plenty of time to hit an assessment you miss.

****Important Note: You can only do the assessment programmed for that day or the programmed alternate WOD (with the exception of programmed make up days). We’re unable to accommodate people trying to make up a different assessment…There’s too much going on already on these assessment days




A)  Upper Body Pull

Assess upper body pull.


Build to Heavy
5 Weighted Pull-ups

B)  Lactic Tolerance

Assess Lactic Tolerance


3 Rounds for Time

15 Burpee Over Bar
12 Thrusters (115/85)

Strategy and Briefing

The Lactic Tolerance Test is very uncomfortable if done correctly. Accept this from the start, with a sense of urgency. Break up reps as needed to maintain a fast, consistent pace — do NOT go unbroken just to go unbroken. Taking long rests will suck up much time. Breaks should be short. Focus on movement quality & efficiency will help cut down time & save energy for the end of the workout. Round of 9 needs to be a sprint — finish strong and hit that Level!

Levels Consideration:  Lactic Tolerance, UB Pull

Goal:  Level Up!


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