Tuesday 1/28/2020


Come support Amanda A. who owns CRAFT Aviation:

Join us for CRAFT co-sponsored Aviation Appreciation Night on Sunday, February 9th at 3:05pm. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales through the link below will be donated to our nonprofit partners: Citadel Flying Club, Lowcountry Aviation Association, Tuskegee Airmen, and Women in Aviation.

Each organization will have a table on the concourse so you can learn more about what we do! Visit the CRAFT table, donate $5, and be entered to win a free CRAFT Discovery Flight, a $250 value!

Please purchase your game tickets using this link so that the proceeds go to our nonprofit partners! The seats will all be grouped together in one section and you will get a confirmation within 24 hours.




A)  Upper Body Push

Assess upper body push.


Build to Heavy
5 Strict pres

B)  Squat Endurance

Assess Squat Endurance.


Build to Heavy set of 12 Back Squats.

Strategy and Briefing

The UB Push Test, much like the UB Pull Test, can be difficult to Level Up because of the smaller movements. You should be inching through this Category — so do NOT be discouraged by slow progress. Whether you are doing Push-ups, HSPUs, or Strict Press, focus on keeping the body rigid throughout, and allowing your Pushing muscles to do the work. When the core relaxes those muscles cannot be used to their maximum potential.

High quality movement is always important, but it is especially important here in the Squat Endurance Test. Hold perfect position through all reps regardless of the movement you are doing: Air Squats, Split Squats, or Back Squats (especially). On the Split Squats and Back Squats take your time to perform every rep cleanly — avoid burning out by pumping out reps. The 20-rep Back Squats is an especially difficult test if done at the limit, so be mentally prepared for a fight.

Levels Consideration:  Squat Endurance, UB Push

Goal:  Level Up!


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