Wednesday 1/29/2020


Our powerlifting series culminates with the Iron Wolf lift off right here at Loco.  This is Coach Courtney’s non-profit.  Their goal is to help people on their recovery journey through fitness…Which is literally the story of my life.
Register for the Lift-Off and come support an amazing cause. Or help a fellow member of the LocoFam with their fundraising!  It’s a win no matter what you do.




A)  Weightlifting

Assess Weightlifting.


Build to Heavy
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean

B)  Running

Assess Running


12 Min AMRAP

200m Run
20 Wallballs 20/14
200m Run
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

Strategy and Briefing

Keep the Bar Close.  Excellence requires efficiency. One of the biggest weightlifting mistakes is letting the bar come out in front too far. Happens all the time. Inefficient & sub-excellent. The lats play a major role in this: engaging them helps keep the bar close, and controls the arm pull. Win-win. If you’re jumping forward, or missing forward, the bar is likely too far in front. Visualize the bar CLOSE to the body, then reproduce it in reality. If you do it right, you’ll immediately notice a significant difference, in both weight lifting and consistency.


Unlike the row or the airbike (or any machine), running has no indicators of pace except feel (unless on a treadmill). There is a pacing SKILL that must be developed, through practice & awareness. So as you’re warming up, pay attention to your exact pacing. If running the mile, the first 400m should feel easy at goal mile-pace — do NOT be lured into going faster than your pace. Stick to goal pace through at least 1200m before thinking about speeding up. If you’re running a 400, the same principles apply. Focus on pace during warmups. Throughout any of the run variations, be conscious of your breathing, relax your shoulders, and keep it in sync with your strides. This will keep air coming in, AND it will help you keep your running rhythm consistent.

Levels Consideration:  Weightlifting, Running

Goal:  Level Up!


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