Friday 1/3/2020


Bring a Friend to any class time on Monday January 6th!  Free for them, fun for you.  BootCamp and CrossFit.



A) Trilogy

75 Overhead Squats (45/35)
Directly into:

5 Rounds
20 DB Snatch 50/35
30 Situps

In remaining time

Strict HSPU

Strategy and Briefing

Shoulder fatigue is going to set in quick on this Breathe & Burn →   Muscular Burn Workout.  Hit big, but smooth, OH Squat sets from the start.  Get this part over with relatively quickly. Your shoulders will be feeling some fatigue going into the 5 Round portion, but remain unbroken on the Db Snatches. Move consistently on the Abmat Situps,  and take some deep breaths to aerobically recover. Getting into the Strict HSPU, shoulders will be pretty toasty. Break this up as needed, to continuously accumulate reps with the remaining time. Don’t go to failure!

Levels Consideration: Flexibility, UB Push

Goal: 15+ Reps

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