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Bulletproof your joints with coach Kelly.

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Want to squat deeper? Sick of wrist pain in your front rack position? Ready to do something about that nagging shoulder? Come learn about the inner workings of functional movement and get tools and tips to fix your joints at the Bulletproof Your Joints Seminar with Coach Kelly!
This seminar provides a foundational toolkit for improving joint function. Through lecture and movement, we will explore the reasons for restriction and pain in your body and empower you to improve and control your range of motion.
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—improve flexibility and mobility
—build strength and tissue resilience
—prevent and rehab injuries
—improve movement capacity
—understand the HOW and WHY of healthy joint function

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A)  Front Squat

Assess Front Squat


Build to Heavy
5 Front Squats

B)  Neuro and Core Endurance

Assess Neuro and Core Endurance


250 Doubleunders

Every Break 30 Situps
**Limit 5 penalties

Strategy and Briefing


This Test requires core stability & strength to move heavy weight. Focus on good positioning when coming out of the “hole”, and on maintaining an active core throughout (back & front).  If doing multiple reps, don’t rush them — take a deep breath before each rep, then GO.  Drive the elbows into the air & keep the belly tight. It will pay to USE the entire time allotted, to build to Test weight, and ensure you are prepared for it.


Here we’re Testing coordination, timing & endurance, via double-unders and abmat situps – culminating in the workout “Annie”, with unbroken movements & fast transitions.

The progression starts with single-jumps & situps, then builds to more challenging tasks, including strict knees-to-elbows to ensure necessary midline strength & endurance. You’re rewarded early for practicing & attaining the skill of double-unders. GHD sit-ups are not allowed until competence is demonstrated for Annie at PURPLE I (Version 2). This standard ensures that an athlete has the midline development to handle the potency of the GHD situp.

In the “Annie” phase of this Test, the key to success is no missed Double-unders! Planned rest is okay, but fails-plus-restarts eat up time fast (very frustrating!). No matter what, stay calm & focus on what you are currently doing … the time to think about the past or future is when you’re writing in your journal, not in the middle of your workout. Move- smooth- through the situps, and do NOT stop moving. If you can keep the Double-unders unbroken, and the situps consistent, you will crush this workout & make your time goal.

Levels Consideration:  N&C Endurance. Front Squat

Goal:  Level Up!


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