Tuesday 1/7/2020


The Charleston Marathon is Saturday.  That means Spruill will be closed to vehicular traffic.  We’ll still hold class for anyone that can get to the gym via bike, skate, run, walk, whatever!  P.S. this is what Chip did last nutrition challenge.  Think you can beat him?  Sign Up!




HSPU Practice

Directly Into

8 minutes
Max L-Sit
5 Front & Back Scales L
20-30 sec WtD Plank
5 Front & Back Scales R
5 Jefferson Curls

Directly Into

8 minutes
30 sec Doubleunders
30 sec Doubleunders Backwards
30 sec Tripleunders
30 sec Dot Drill (ea/s)

B)  Gold’s Gym

10 min For Quality

• 16 Crossbody Walking Lunges
• 8 B-Stance RDLs (ea/s)
• 10 Elevated Ring Rows

Strategy and Briefing

“For Quality” can be a tough guideline to follow, but it is the only way to do a Workout of this type. If you are sacrificing quality, you are sacrificing muscle engagement and defeating the point of the exercise. Move at a slow and controlled pace and disregard time as much as possible. Rest as needed between exercises to maintain quality. Add weight as needed to feel a burn without sacrificing technique. For Ring Rows, if your initial variation becomes too difficult then drop down a Level and continue.

Levels Consideration: Squat Endurance, UB Pull

Goal: Exposure to unique and rarely done movements.


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