Thursday 1/9/2020


Our powerlifting series culminates with the Iron Wolf lift off right here at Loco.  This is Coach Courtney’s non-profit.  Their goal is to help people on their recovery journey through fitness…Which is literally the story of my life.
Use the powerlifting course to train for the event and perform like a boss! Or, just register for the Lift-Off and come support an amazing cause. It’s a win no matter what you do!



A)  Press and Row Superset

8, 8, 8 Floor Press
10 Tough Ring Rows after each set
2:00 Rest

B)  Business Class

15 Min AMRAP

8 Ring Dips
10 Pullups
18 Abmat Situps
50m Shuttle Run

Strategy and Briefing

The Burn will be highly noticeable in this Breathe & Burn Workout. Stay unbroken & smooth, through the Ring Dips & Pullups. Focus on high quality movement, with each rep looking exactly the same. To maintain quality, take a few breaths before starting each set. Stay steady on the Abmat Situps & Shuttle Run. There is no need to rush these movements — you will need a rest before starting back at the top. Keep the breathing consistent throughout the sets, to support your pace. Expect muscular fatigue about half way through the AMRAP — extend your break between movements a bit more to maintain unbroken sets.

Levels Consideration: UB Pull, UB Push

Goal:  7 Rounds


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