Friday 11/15/2019


Last chance to get Women’s Day tickets!  The event is on Saturday.




A.) Open 18.5

7 min AMRAP

• Thrusters 100/65
• CtB Pullups


B) Core Finisher

5 Rounds For Quality

12 Supine Leg Raises
30 sec Hollow Rock
12 Kb Deadbug (ea/s)
30 sec Hollow Rock

Level Consideration:  Neuro + Core, front squat, upper body pull

Strategy and Briefing:

Open workouts can cause much anxiety & stress. This Full Body Burn iteration will definitely check that box. Accepting that this will be uncomfortable is step one to a workout like this. Re strategy, keep Thrusters smooth & unbroken on the first few sets. Think about breaking them up at round 12 & beyond, to avoid reaching failure. The CtB Pullups should be approached in the same manner, but with a bit more caution. These have a tendency to fall off much quicker than thrusters. Break them up as soon as the sets start to get tough. Your transitions should be quick & movement deliberate. Avoid “milling around” too much between sets. Take a few deep breaths & get back to it.

Goal: Get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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