Saturday 11/16/2019


Winter schedule (starts 12/1), new gear, and lots of upcoming events.  MUST READ:




A) Maglev

In Partners – 4 min AMRAP

12 Deadlifts 275/185
24 Bar-facing Burpees
48 Doubleunders
Rest 1:00
x 5


Level Consideration:  Neuro + Core, Deadlift

Strategy and Briefing:

Heavy barbell & heavy breathing are the hallmarks of this Breathe & Brace Partner Workout.  Partners may break all of these reps up at will, so take advantage of this.  Small sets on the Deadlifts from the start will be a wise choice. If one partner is more proficient on the Deadlifts, that one should  take a few extra reps. The other can hit the burpees — break them up into short quick sets to keep the pace high. Split the Doubleunders in half & stay unbroken throughout.  Have some urgency during each interval as 4 minutes is not a long time. With a partner, the 1 minute rest should be enough to recover before the next one starts. Push the pace.

Goal:  8+ Rounds


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