Monday 11/18/2019


Did you know Coach Jay created his own Whey Protein and CBD supplement called Cubed Protein (the site is still being developed so a lot of functionality doesn’t work, for now you can by Cubed ONLY at Loco!)?  CBD reduces inflammation making it the perfect partner to whey protein to aid in recovery after a tough WOD.  CBD also helps with mood, anxiety, sleep, and many more common issues.  Next time you’re in need of more protein be sure to check it out!




A) Floor Press

8, 8, 8 Floor Press
10 Tough Ring Rows
after each set
2:00 Rest

B) Breaking Eggs

8 Rounds For Time

10 Wallballs 30/20
25 Doubleunders

***Any break on either movement is 15 Ring Pushups.  Max of 5 penalty sets (and one per round).

Level Consideration:  UB Push, API, N&C Endurance, Rings

Strategy and Briefing:  

Holding unbroken sets in this Breathe & Burn workout will be easy to start — but don’t rush the first few rounds. Holding those unbroken sets, and keeping them smooth, requires careful pacing at the beginning. Take a few deep breaths before starting each movement, and stay focused. If Doubleunders are comfortable, lack of focus will be the problem — lazy technique. Stay tight. If you break any of these sets, go directly into the penalty set & get it done. Rest before starting where you left off.

Goal:  <16:00 min


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