Tuesday 11/19/2019


Loco Last Weekend is on December 1st from 3-6!  Joanna (owner of  Bees Knees Massage– check her out!) is hosting a fire pit fun night for the LocoFam. It’s family-friendly and BYOB! There will be delicious chili, roaring fire, smores, yard games and obviously a lot of laughs and a great time.  Be sure to RSVP – looking forward to seeing y’all there!!




A) Jump Ship

For Two Separate Times (Note 1K row time and 3 Rounder time separately) – 30min CAP

1k Row

Immediately into

3 Rounds For Time
800m Run
25 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Level Consideration: Row, API

Strategy and Briefing:  

There are two separate times/scores in this Heavy Breathing workout, but do not fixate on the first score —  it can ruin the workout (and you)Pace should remain at around 80-85% throughout (high breathing/high aerobic).  Get right up to it on the Rower, and focus on consistent breathing & smooth movement with each pull.  Move immediately to the 3 rounds, upon finishing the Row. Continue your pace on the Run, still focusing on breathing. Take the Burpee Box Jumps one rep at a time,  with efficient movement. Do not rush here — sloppy movement has a high cost, over the 75 reps in this portion.  If breathing remains constant & movement efficient, this workout will not be as bad as it looks. BUT — if you throw caution to the wind too early,  this will be even worse than it looks — and it starts ugly.  

Goal:  Finish under the cap!


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