Wednesday 11/20/2019


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A) Low Bar Back Squat

Build to a Heavy set of 5 using a box as a target for depth

B)  Day Break

3-5 Rounds NOT for time:
-10 KB Bottom Up Presses (R)
-90/90 Bottom Up Carry (R)
-10 KB Bottom Up Presses (L)
-90/90 Bottom Up Carry (L)
-8 Pistol Negatives from a box (ea/s)
-20 Lateral Medball Throws to the wall

Level Consideration Squat Endurance, Front Squat, Deadlift, Upper Body Push, Upper Body Pull

Strategy and Briefing:  

GO FREAKING HEAVY on the squats.

The second part is accessory work to keep you shoulders, knees and hips balanced and healthy.  Prioritize good movement and muscle engagement over anything else.

Goal:  Move Heavy stuff.  Stay Healthy


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