Thursday 11/21/2019


What if I told you it’s possible to PR your 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon time (or just improve your cardio in general) by creating an adaptation in the muscles of your arms?  That probably sounds crazy, but it is 100% truth:




A) Weighted Pull Up and Trunk

3, 3, 3, 3 WtD Pullup
Rest 2:00
10 sec L-Sit
(done during rest)

B)  Backfire

Tabata of Each for Total Reps/Sec.

1) WtD Plank 25/15
1:00 Rest
2) Air Squats
1:00 Rest
3) Arch Body Hold
1:00 Rest
4) Jumping CtB Pullups

Level Consideration N&C Endurance, UB Pull

Strategy and Briefing:  

Tabata style workouts never seem like they will be difficult — “It’s just 4 minutes”. But this Muscular Burn workout today will get tough half-way through the first Tabata. Hold a tight position on the Plank throughout, and drop the weight if technique is falling apart. Do not force poor technique at any point — just to get a few extra seconds. Air Squat should be smooth & consistent throughout. Focus on making each rep look exactly the same — consistency. The Arch Body Hold should be treated the same as the Plank. Hold this position only as long as it remains tight. As soon as that position begins to falter, break. Move consistently on the Jumping CtB Pullups — do not rush. These can get rough very quickly, if you go too hard in the first few intervals. Consistency is the key to any Tabata.

Goal: 400+ Reps/Sec


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