Saturday 11/23/2019


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A) Hang Power Clean

Build to a Heavy 3

B)  Warhead

AMRAP 4 minutes
6 Hang Clusters 115/85
12 Bar-facing Burpees

Rest 10:00
x 2

Level Consideration: Weightlifting, Lactic Tolerance

Strategy and Briefing:  

This Full Body Burn workout has a potent combination of movements. Focus on making each cluster rep smooth. Ideally they will be done unbroken. A little slow is alright — make up some time on the Burpees. Move continuously on each set of Burpees — don’t rest mid set. Take a few deep breaths before going back to the Clusters, and hold this pace for all 4 minutes — very uncomfortable starting at min 2:00. After 10 min rest, do it again! Take the same approach the second time thru, and try to beat or match the previous time.

Goal: 6+ Rounds


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