Thursday 11/28/2019


COMMUNITY WOD!!  Bring yo’ friends, Bring Yo’ Wife cause we gettin’ fit up in here.




A)  Occam’s Razor

5 Rounds For Time
12 Burpees
12 American KbS 70/53
200m run
Rest 2:00

B)  Core Finisher
3 Rounds For Quality
15 Partner Situps (ea)
25 sec WtD Plank
10 Partner Kneeling Medball Side Throws (ea/partner/side)
25 sec WtD Plank

Level ConsiderationAPI, Kettlebell

Strategy and Briefing:  

Intensity is the key in this Heavy Breathing → Full Body Burn workout. Set the tone in round one, with a brisk pace. You should be near max effort on the Burpees & Bike/Row/Ski. But on the American KbS focus on technique as a priority, while still remaining unbroken. Keep breathing consistent, heavy, and in rhythm with movement. During the rest, take slow & deep breaths to slow heart rate and recover, before hitting the next round. Expect each round to get harder & more uncomfortable.

Goal: Sub 20 min


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