Saturday 11/30/2019


Don’t forget we have a little get together on Sunday from 3-6PM at Joanna’s house.  Comment in the members group if you have any questions!

Also, Happy belated Thanksgiving!  We’re grateful for you!




A)  Weightlifting

Build to Heavier than Workout Weight

1 Power Clean
3 Front Squats

B)  Enter the Dragon

5 Rounds For Time 20m CAP

400m run
8 Front Squats 185/135
12 CtB Pullups

Level Consideration:  Front Squat, UB Pull, Weightlifting

Strategy and Briefing:  

Today’s Breathe & Burn workout will require careful pacing & quality movement, to beat the CAP. Move at a smooth & consistent pace on the run — each run should take about the same time. This will allow for you to start your Front Squat right away. Work to keep Front Squats and CtB Pullups unbroken throughout, but keep technique crisp. Take a few deep breaths before starting each set to control pace and ensure quality. All Front Squats are from the ground. Don’t ignore your Power Clean technique to get into the Front Rack.

Goal: Sub 20 min


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