Tuesday 12/10/2019


Holiday Part is THIS SATURDAY 7-10 at the gym!



A) Rolling Thunder

4 Rounds for Reps/Rounds

1:00 Strict Pullups
30 sec Rest
1:00 Rowing
30 sec Rest
1:00 Abmat Situps
30 sec Rest
1:00 Sled
30 sec Rest

B)  Lower Body Accessory

3 Rounds For Quality
10 Clamshells (ea/s)
30 sec Archbody Hold
10 Banded Hip Adduction (ea/s)
30 sec Archbody Hold

Strategy and Briefing:  

With the mix of Muscular Burn & Heavy Breathing, these intervals will be very different. Small sets with quick rest will be the key on the Pullups — don’t attempt big sets. Keep a high pace on the Row and Sled, around 85-90%. The Abmat Situps should be done straight through at a consistent pace — no reason to hold back. Keep your breathing steady on all movements, even the Muscular Burn intervals — this will aid breathing when you get back to the “breathy” intervals.

Levels Consideration: Deadlift, UB Push

Goal: Sub 260 Reps


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