Saturday 12/14/2019


Holiday Party has arrived!!  Saturday 12/14 at 7PM.  See you there!



A) Front Squat

Build to Heavy 2 Front Squats

B)  Hard Boiled

3 Rounds for Time

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)
20 Pushups
400m Run

Strategy and Briefing:  

This combination of movements in our Breathe & Burn workout will be brutal.  Don’t force unbroken sets on either movement. Quick singles on the Squat Cleans will not lose much time,  and can save the grip. Get into a good rhythm and be sure breathing matches. Break up the Pushups early, to avoid dipping into failure later.  Be consistent & constant. Pick a pace & stick to it. Start the Squat Cleans as soon as the run is finished.

Levels Consideration: Weightlifting, UB Push, Front Squat

Goal: Sub 17 min

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