Monday 12/16/2019


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A) Front Squat

For Total Time NOT including rest:
Back Squat 155/115
Strict TTB

On 12:00 Mark

Air Squat
Abmat Situp

Strategy and Briefing:  

Managing muscle fatigue will be the major roadblock in today’s Muscular Burn Workout, particularly in Part 1.  Keep Back Squats unbroken throughout.  Remember that you have to bring it up from the ground each time,  and this can be an energy suck. After that, you’re breaking up the Strict TtB from the beginning. Sets should be small and the rests quick.  Focus on movement quality throughout, for efficiency. Part 2 gets significantly easier and the pace quicker. On the Air Squats, move with urgency.  Catch your breath on the Situps, if needed. Go straight through on both movements and push into the burn towards the end of your sets.

Levels Consideration: Squat Endurance, N&C Endurance

Goal: Sub 14 min (NOT including any rest time)


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