Tuesday 12/17/2019


Top 5 Reasons You Should Gift Loco this year:
  1. You walked into Roadside Blooms and Toni Reale suggested you buy a pitcher plant because it eats a lot too.
  2. You had to buy a new car from Katie Janes at New Life Auto Sales because you no longer fit in your Miata.
  3. Adam Randall finally kicked you out of The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips when you asked for cole slaw after your fourth plate of fish and chips.
  4. Geoffrey Michael Richardson suggested you dye your hair red at Lava Salon to match the bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos you always have on hand.
  5. You went to Grassroots Gymnastics to see Olin Cramer thinking somersaults were a special seasoning for when it’s hot out.



A) Weighted Pull Up

5, 5, 5 WtD Pullups
Rest at least 2:00

B) Shark Eyes

12 Min AMRAP

Db Snatch 50/35
Strict HSPU

Strategy and Briefing

Both movements in this Breathe & Burn Workout will hit the shoulders hard. Setting a sustainable pace from the beginning will be the key to finishing strong.  The lower-rep rounds can go by quickly, but take your time. Take a few breaths before jumping to the next set to help control the pace. Look to break up the Strict HSPU early on. You can hit failure quickly, so avoid pushing too deep until the final 2-3 minutes. Keep the Db Snatches smooth & constant through.  No real need to break these. Consistent breathing will help you maintain this for the entire workout.

Levels Consideration: Upper Body Pull, Upper Body Push, Weightlifting

Goal: Round of 16


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