Wednesday 12/18/2019


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A) Bordeaux

5 min AMRAP
Cal Row

Rest 5:00

5 min AMRAP
Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)

Rest 5:00

5 min AMRAP
60M Sled (90/70)
20 Doubleunders

Strategy and Briefing

This Heavy Breathing Workout tackles the very difficult pacing issue of doing only one movement for 5 minutes.  Work to settle into your pace within the first minute of each AMRAP. The Row will be the easier of the two. Get into and hold your 2k Row pace.  Focus on consistent breathing & smooth movement. The Burpee Box Jump-Over is the tricky one. After a 5 minute rest, you’ll feel fresh & ready to get back at it. But take it slow.  Focus on quality movement for every rep, and getting into a rhythm. This rhythm will help consistent pace & breathing.  After about half way, speed up or hold the pace (probably the latter). The final portion is more of a traditional AMRAP,  with two movements back & forth. Hold the same subjective pace here as you did on the Row (go by the feel). Breathing should be heavy throughout. Keep Doubleunders unbroken & Sled consistent.

Levels Consideration: API, N&C Endurance

Goal: 200+ Reps


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