Thursday 12/19/2019


🚨Powerlifting Course and Free Mindset Seminar coming in January🚨

2020 is FULL of courses, clinics, and seminars to keep you engaged and progressing.
On January 16th at 630pm, Coach Courtney (who has her doctorate in neuroscience) will be offering a free mindset seminar to help with stress, negative thinking and taking control of your behavior.
This seminar is for anyone who:
  • is trying to make a positive change but doesn’t know where to start
  • anyone who feels concepts like “mediation” or “changing your perspective” are abstract and out of reach (I know I did)
  • anyone who feels overwhelmed or burnt out
  • anyone who struggles to finish or maintain goals (ex. weight loss, workout program)
  • anyone not seeing the results they want, despite hard work they are putting in
  • Anyone who struggles with a racing mind or negative thinking
Keep your eyes peeled for the FB event and registration link coming soon!
In January we’re launching the first of 3 Strength focused courses for 2020 – Powerlifting (later this year we have a hypertrophy course and a weightlifting course). It will culminate with Coach Courtney‘s Lift Off event for Iron Wolf Recovery CHS. You’ll see a lot more details coming soon but if you want to improve your strength this is the course for you.



A) OHS/Snatch Balance

Work on Snatch Balance or Overhead Squat SKILL.  DO NOT GO HEAVY.  WORK ON PERFECT FORM.


B)  Come Sail Away

5 Rounds For Time

6 Thruster  (135/95)
2 Legless Rope Climbs

Strategy and Briefing

Full Body Burn Workouts force a pacing decision right away. There is no time to “settle” into a pace. Get right into a strong pace and hold on.  Keep the movements smooth and consistent, but transitions must be quick. Move with purpose from Thrusters to Rope Climbs, to keep your pace high. Take more time on the Legless Rope Climbs, as failure here will likely be the end of the Workout. Your breathing should match your intensity throughout.  Toward the end, expect this to hurt a bit.

Levels Consideration: Front Squat, LT, UB Pull

Goal: Sub 7 Minutes


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