Friday 12/20/2019


We are getting away from posting here when you can’t make it to class. The booking rules are in place to keep the reservation process fair for everyone. The FB posting workaround undermines those rules.

To make your lives a bit easier we are changing the cancellation deadline to 1 hour before class. So now you have until 1 hour before class to remove yourself so someone else can take your spot. Please don’t wait until the last minute if possible.

As a reminder, Zenplanner removes a class from your package if you don’t cancel your reservation.

Unlimited members will be billed $20 for a no show reservation in a full class.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns!



A) Glute Bridge

8, 8, 8, 8 Barbell Glute Bridges
Rest at least 2:00

B)  Heistcon

12 min AMRAP

40ft Walking Lunge w/ twist + slamball
20 Russian Kbs  (70/44)
20 Slamballs

10 sec Hanging L-Sit

Strategy and Briefing

The variety of movements in this Breathe & Burn Workout will allow for a fast pace, but don’t get carried away at the start.  Keep movement smooth & consistent, with a focus on quality throughout — each set should be unbroken. Take a few deep breaths between movements so you can maintain all of this for 12 minutes.  Breathing should also remain constant, to avoid oxygen debt. Be conscious of Core & Posterior Chain fatigue as you get deeper into this workout. Don’t push too early — this can derail your workout. If you feel fatigue creeping in, take a few extra moments before starting each set.

Levels Consideration: Kettlebell, N&C Endurance

Goal: 3+ rounds


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