Saturday 12/21/2019


Have you ever posted a BSF in the FB members group before?

BSF stands for Bright Spot Friday and it’s a gratitude practice.  Why?  Because when you try to find positive things your brain slowly becomes programmed for noticing positivity.  That means less negativity and a better more fulfilling life.  Give it a shot, you’ll be surprised at its power.



A) Secret Lab

In Partners, For Time (25 Min Cap)

Goblet Squats (70/53)

After each set of Goblet Squats:
20 CtB Pullups
20 Push Press (115/85)

B) Tabata Hollow Rocks

Strategy and Briefing

Consistent pacing & reps throughout this Muscular Burn Workout will get you to the finish line under the Cap. Break up the Goblet Squats right away into manageable sets. The early rounds will be fairly easy, but as you get into the round of 60 you will be feeling it. Your using your legs on the Squats plus a ton of lower body on the Push Press. Keep the sets of Pullups & Push Press short. This will keep things moving, and delay fatigue. Keep your breathing consistent throughout. It should never be the limiter in this workout.

Levels Consideration: Squat Endurance, Upper Body Pull

Goal: Finish under the Cap!


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