Tuesday 12/24/2019


“Strength is a critical component of your overall performance. If you find yourself held back in WODs by heavier weights or your progress in the gym has been plateauing, you may benefit from a focused strength cycle!

We’re launching a Powerlifting Course!  It will run January 23-Feb 15 on Thursdays @ 6:30pm and Saturdays @ 9:30am

This cycle will end just in time to test your gains at the Iron Wolf Lift-Off (Saturday, Feb. 22). All athletes that participate in the course will have a spot reserved to compete (if they choose)

Registration for our 4-week powerlifting course opens December 27th, limited to only 8 spots. Be sure to keep your eye out next week!”




A) Front Squat 5,5,5,5,5

B)  Babbling Brook

For Total Reps/Cals/Sec.

1:00 Wallball 20/14
Rest 1:00
1:00 Row/Run
Rest 1:00
1:00 L-Sit/Hollow
Rest 1:00
x 3

Strategy and Briefing

The 1 minute intervals in today’s Breathe & Burn → Muscular Burn workout can be deceptive. With a 1 minutes Rest after each bout, you can push quite a bit on the Wallballs & L-sits, but NOT the Row/Run. Hit 85-90% effort, to recover within the minute. If you push it too hard the following L-sit interval will be a wash. Look to hit a big set on the Wallballs from the start, with a short rest — then finish unbroken up to the minute. On the L-sit, hit manageable chunks, but avoid failure. It will be hard to come back from a max effort bout within the same minute. In the rest, take deep slow breaths for recovery before the next interval.

Levels Consideration: API, N&C Endurance

Goal: 250+ Reps

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