Saturday 12/28/2019


Coach Courtney (who has her doctorate in neuroscience) will be offering a free mindset seminar to help with stress, negative thinking and taking control of your behavior.

Do you feel like your mind controls you or do you control your mind?

Your mindset matters. It plays a huge role in your health and well-being and has an effect on every interaction you have. Learn simple steps to take control of your thoughts, quiet negative-self talk and change your perspective to change behavior & successfully achieve the goals you set.

Our minds have tremendous influence on our bodies. The lens through which information is perceived, organized and interpreted can alter reality through behavioral, psychological and physiological mechanisms.

Who is this for?
Anyone who:

– is trying to make a positive change but doesn’t know where to start-anyone who feels like concepts like “mediation” or “changing your perspective” are abstract and out of reach (I know I did)
-anyone who feels overwhelmed or burnt out- struggles to finish or maintain goals (ex. weight loss, workout program)
-anyone not seeing the results they want, despite hard work they are putting in
-struggles with a racing mind or negative thinking

What we’ll do:
-In depth conversation about stress management & how your past sets the stage for stress tolerance.
-How to think about stress (perception determines your stress response!)
-The placebo effect (i.e., expectation to heal); what it tells us about our minds
-How to break habits
-Take control of your inner narrative and turn around negative-thinking/negative self-talk
-Learn how to set yourself up for success when setting goals and make realistic, long-lasting changes





A) Deadlift

5 Sets of 5

B) Your Stage Name

On a 15 Minute Clock

50 Strict Pullups
Any break is 15 GHD Situps
(after 5 sets, no more penalty)

In remaining time
Kb Snatch 53/35

Strategy and Briefing

The start of this workout is the Muscular Burn portion, and moves into Breathe & Burn with the Kb Snatches. Pullups should be done in manageable sets right from the start. Do not approach failure until you get towards the end. If you hit the 5 penalty sets early on,  move to quick, crisp, singles. For the Kb Snatches, hit 5-8 at a time on each side, taking a short rest between sides. Focus on solid technique. To maintain pace, keep breathing consistent with movement, with deep slow breaths between sets.

Levels Consideration: UB Pull, Kettlebell, Deadlift

Goal:  100 Snatches


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