Thursday 12/5/2019


We’re doing a partner nutrition challenge to change things up this January!
We’re also throwing in some stuff we’ve never done before like meeting at a grocery store to cover food shopping and dropping by Holy City Brewing to teach you how to eat/drink out.
You’ll of course still get meal plans, grocery lists, accountability, biometric scans and all the bells and whistles of the HSN app too.
So start figuring out who your partner is going to be (can be someone from inside or outside the gym) and get ready to crush 2020.
We do 2 challenges per year, one at back to school and one in January, don’t miss out!
More details coming soon.



A) Mandalorian

800m Run
40 Russian KbS (70/53)
600m Run
30 Russian KbS
400m Run
20 Russian KbS
200m Run
10 Russian KbS

B)  Core Finisher

4 Rounds for Quality

10 Pallof Press (ea/s)
10 Supine Leg Raises
20 sec Washing Machine

Strategy and Briefing:  

This Breathe & Burn Workout has over a mile of running, so  consistency there will be important. Keep breathing in rhythm with pace on the run. This aids consistency and keeps you ready to start the KbS right away.  Hold smooth, unbroken sets on the KbS throughout. With descending reps, this should be no problem. Take a few deep breaths before starting each set of swings,  to ensure unbroken set.

Levels Consideration: Running, Kettlebell, Neuro and Core

Goal: Sub 15 Min


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