Saturday 12/7/2019


Holiday Schedule:



A) Inversion

Accumulate 4-6 Sets

1-3 HSPU + 5-10 sec Hold

B)  It’s Alive

10 Rounds For Time In Partners (5 Rounds each)

15 Deadlift 255/185
25m HS Walk

***Alternate full rounds (Complete entire round before partner begins)

Strategy and Briefing:  

The Relay style of this Breathe & Burn workout can cause some mis-pacing early on.  Keep effort about 85-90% for the interval, with smooth & consistent movement.  The Deadlift weight is heavy enough to be conscious of technique. Keep the Deadlifts unbroken for as long as possible. If you must break,  keep it to only two sets. Move quickly through the HS Walk, and tag your partner to get them started right away.

Levels Consideration: Deadlift, UB Push

Goal: Sub 20 Min


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