Monday 12/9/2019


Following Friday’s reassessment day we had a number of members Level-Up. Please extend your congratulations to the following ladies and gents!
Kelly Jean Macklin White I -> Yellow
Amanda Aldea Orange I -> Orange III
Ben Wright Yellow I -> Yellow II
Scott Wolfrey Orange III -> Blue
Grant Brown Yellow I -> Yellow II
Roberto Gonzalez Yellow I -> Yellow II
Bryan Sieler Purple -> Purple II
Mindy Hansel Orange -> Orange I
Chris Shea Orange I -> Orange II
Justin Beinkampen Purple -> Purple I
Linda Smith Yellow II -> Yellow III
Dr Sterling Cox Orange III -> Blue
Donna Richard Donna Brown Yellow III -> Orange
We had a ton of people achieve higher levels on specific assessments that didn’t result in an overall level-up; however, you should all still be proud of your success! I know your Loco staff sure is! 😁



A) Holyfield

8 Power Cleans (115/75)
12 Front Step Lunges (115/75)
40 Doubleunders
1:00 Rest

Strategy and Briefing:  

The 1:00 Rest at the end of each round in this Breathe & Burn workout can make it tricky to pace. To be safe, and ensure consistency, pace as if there was NO rest. If you start here you can go up. After round 3 or 4, you’ll know if you are in a good spot, or to speed up. Keep round times as close as possible. Keep Power Cleans unbroken up to 7 reps, and break before using your last Power Clean to get into the Lunges if needed. All other movement should remain unbroken throughout. Take a few deep breaths before starting each movement, to be ready for the entire set.

Levels Consideration: Weightlifting, Neuro and Core

Goal: Sub 25 Min


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