Monday 2/10/2020


-305PM TODAY (Sunday) is the Stingrays Game! Hope to see some of y’all there!
-LocoFam Potluck and Awards Dinner is Saturday at 5pm.
-Iron Wolf Lift Off is on 2/22 but this is the FINAL WEEK to register. Seriously if you’ve never done something like this I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it 🙂

Assessments are over…back to business as usual! So F’n proud of you guys AND our coaches. I know it’s exhausting for everyone. Way to stay positive and CRUSH! Now back to the address/progress phase of training! Assess, Address, Progress…Work those weaknesses NOW so we continue to level up in 4 months!

Monday we have a Muscular Burn Workout. Workout is a 12 min AMRAP of Pullups,HSPU, & Pistols then a 3 min Rest and into 3 Rounds of Air Squats & Situps.
Goal: 100+ (blue/purp), 200+ (Yel/Ora) / <9:00.

Tuesday is Single-leg RDLs and a Breathe & Burn → Full Body Burn Workout. Single-leg RDLs are 3 sets of 8 building throughout. Workout is 3 min of Kb Snatch, Doubleunders, & Row with a 1 min rest in between.
Goal: 200+.

Wednesday it’s a Breathe & Burn Workout and if time, a Core Finisher. Workout is Descending Reps of Toes to Bar & Box Jumps then Ascending Reps of Decline Pushups & WtD Box Stepups. Finisher is Tabata L-Sits a 2 min Rest then Tabata Archbody Hold.
Goal: <15:00.

Thursday will be Bulgarian Split Squats and a Breathe & Burn Workout. Bulgarian Split Squats are 3 sets of 8 Building Throughout. Workout is a Chipper of Wallballs & Air Squat Jumping Pullups with a Medball Run in between.
Goal: Finish Under the Cap (15-20min depending on the coach/class)

Friday is Power Cleans and a Breathe & Brace→ Full Body Burn Workout. Power Cleans are Building to a Heavy Single. Prep is Burpee over Bar Review. Workout is 3 Rounds of Heavy(ish) Power Cleans & Burpees over Bar.
Goal: <9:00.

Saturday is Single-arm OH Squats and a Partner Workout. Warmup is Shoulder Stability & Core Focused. Single-arm OH Squats are 3 sets of 8 Building. Prep is Movement Demo & Review. Workout is 20 min in Partners with Ascending Reps of Db Snatch, Pullups, & Db Goblet Squats .
Goal: 4+ Rounds.



***Important Change-  Previously the WOD Blog has had the brown level workout listed.  Moving forward I’ll be posting the Blue Level.  Scale up or down to your level as needed.

A) Lunch Money

This one has 2 Scores.  Number or Feps for the AMRAP, and time for the 3 Rounder.

12 min AMRAP
Unbroken Sets:
1-3 Strict Pullups
5 Piked HSPU
5 Box Pistols (ea/s)

***When sets cannot be maintained unbroken, drop reps by 1 across.

on 15 minute mark

3 rounds for time
30 Situps
30 Air Squats

Strategy and Briefing

In this Muscular Burn Workout you will succeed best with mindful muscle-fatigue management from the start.  Move at a consistent pace on all unbroken sets during the 12 min AMRAP portion. Take a few moments between movements to prep for SMOOTH reps.  If technique is compromised, drop the reps of that movement by 1, & continue going unbroken. On the 3-rounder, pace can quicken. Go straight through on both the Situps & Air Squats with some urgency.  This does not mean to rush the movement — keep it smooth but with pace.

Levels Consideration:  UB Pull, UB Push, Squat Endurance

Goal: 100+ (blue/purp), 200+ (Yel/Ora) / <9:00.


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