Take a look at out improvement overall as a gym after this latest round of assessments.  You guys CRUSHED!





A) Single Leg RDL

8, 8, 8 (ea/s)
1:00 Rest b/t sides & sets

B)  Jumpstart

3:00 Russian KbS 44/26
1:00 Rest
3:00 Doubleunders→ Singleunders
1:00 Rest
3:00 Row

Strategy and Briefing

The short, high intensity intervals in today’s Breathe & Burn Workout can be difficult to pace.  Go at 85-90% throughout the 3 minutes, but avoid tipping over into Lactic Tolerance. The Kb Snatches will be the hardest to continue for the entire 3 minutes. Switch hands often to avoid grip fatigue too early.  Hit big unbroken sets on the Doubleunders, and keep breathing consistent through each set. Go hard on the Row to finish strong and dip your toes into Lactic Tolerance. This is a relatively short day — QUALITY and INTENSITY is the name of the game. Bring it for each set, but make sure to stay TOTALLY focused on your movement. 

Levels Consideration:  Kettlebell, N&C Endurance

Goal: 200+ Reps