Wednesday 2/12/2020

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A)  Scrunchy

Knees to Elbow
Box Jumps 24/20

Box Stepup 24/20 w/ 35/25 Db

B)  Core Finsher (Time Dependent)

Tabata Bent Hollow Rock
2:00 Rest
Tabata Archbody Hold

Strategy and Briefing

Consistent movement & breathing is necessary to get the most out of today’s Breathe & Burn Workout. Break up the Toes to Bar from the start if needed, in order to keep pace high. Don’t push into big sets of this movement too early. NOT worth it. Keep Box Jumps steady & consistent. Breathing should follow suit here. When transitioning, take a couple deep breaths before starting the set. The second set of movements will be much more on the burn side — but approach it in the same way. Break up the Pushups early to avoid reaching failure & slowing the pace. Move steady & unbroken on the Box Stepups. Do NOT be too relaxed with pace here — holding the dumbbell will get tiring quickly.

Levels Consideration:  N&C Endurance, API, UB Push

Goal: Sub 15 Min


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