Pull Up : Level Up : Word Up


This clinic is designed specifically for members who have an Orange II, Orange III, or ANY Blue (I, II, III) Upper Body Pulling Level. This is our FIRST EVER Levels based free clinic! There will be more coming, so no worries if this doesn’t apply to you

Higher Degree orange and Blue athletes should either be close to getting their first pull up OR have a few strict pull ups in the tank. We will be doing a ton of drills to improve your efficiency and add some pull ups without much of a gain in strength. We will also talk about what to do to make sure you progress to Blue/Purple from a strength standpoint.

One of the MOST common performance based goals we hear is getting that elusive pull up. We can get you there, but you have to be willing to do the work. Imagine being able to crank out pull ups to honor Murph this year, how cool would that be?!



A)  Bulgarian Split Squats (Noticing a Theme Yet?!)


Rest 1 min between sides and sets.

B)  Paragliding

35 Wallballs 20/14
400m Run w/Medball
50 Air Squat Jumping Pullup
400m Run w/Medball
35 Wallballs

Strategy and Briefing

“Chipper” style workouts like the Breathe & Burn one today are difficult to pace. Start by breaking up the Wallballs into manageable sets.  A big set right from the start will set up a crash later. Take deep breaths between sets to help maintain pace.   Get right into the Run. Running with the Medball will be significantly harder than running without it.  Take this into account from the start & pace accordingly.   Break up the Air Squat Jumping Pullups into manageable sets. Carry this same strategy through,  until the final run. Here, empty the “tank” & finish strong.

Levels Consideration:  API

Goal: Sub 19 Min