Friday 2/14/2020

Happy Valentines Day!  We love you!



A)  Power Clean

Build to a Heavy Single

B) Liquid Nitrogen

3 Rounds for Time

8 Power Cleans 95/65
8 Burpees over Bar

Strategy and Briefing

Fast Elbows
Rotate your elbows under the bar and place it on your shoulders, in the front rack. So easy. But in practice our fast elbows require a slightly released, loosened grip, for a faster rotation. If you death-grip the bar, you’ll have SLOW elbows. (It’s the same with kipping muscle-ups on the turnover ー gripping the rings too hard makes it difficult to get on top.) So cue for fast elbows, catching with high elbows, and remember to slightly release the grip to allow faster rotation.

WHITE-BLUE should be focusing on improving technique & becoming more comfortable with the movement. Add weight only as technique allows. PURPLE-BROWN+ should push the weight & build past the workout weight.

Breathing & Heavy Lifting are not “two peas in a pod” —  more like second cousins twice removed. This Breathe & Brace workout will test your ability to perform a technically demanding movement under some aerobic stress.  Hit quick singles on the Power Cleans from the start, to control pacing & ensure quality reps. Move at a steady, quick pace on the Burpees.  Keep breathing consistent through the Burpees, and get right to the Power Cleans upon finishing. The final set of Burpees should be at max effort, to get the best time possible.

Levels Consideration:  Weightlifting, API

Goal: Sub 6 Min


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