Final Reminder!!!  POTLUCK IS SATURDAY 2/15!!



A)  Single-arm OH Squats

3 x 8 (ea/s)
1:00 Rest b/t sides and sets

B) Flea Market

In Partners – 20 Min AMRAP

Db Snatch 35/25
Jumping CTB Pullups
Db Goblet Squats

Strategy and Briefing

Partner workouts generally come down to how you split the reps up & stick to the plan. This Breathe & Burn variation will be no different.  Break up sets into small manageable chunks right from the start — even into sets of 5.  This will help avoid deep fatigue too early. The Pullups are the movement to be conscious both partners’ fatigue.  If one partner is noticeably better at Pullups, that one should take a few extra reps. Do not reach failure & leave your partner in a bad spot. 

Levels Consideration: UB Pull, Kettlebell

Goal: 4+ Rounds