Tuesday 2/18/2020

Iron Wolf Lift Off is on 2/22 but TODAY is the FINAL DAY to register. Seriously if you’ve never done something like this I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.
This is a HELL of a week. Make sure you prioritize, nutrition, recovery and sleep! Those of you doing the lift off should reduce volume and intensity dramatically.
Monday we have Snatch for load and a Snatch EMOM. Snatch is Building to a Heavy Snatch + Hang Snatch. EMOM is 3 HPC for 12 min.
Tuesday is a Heavy Breathing → Muscular Burn Workout and Knee & Hip Prehab. Workout is Two 6 min AMRAPs, the First is Row with Ring Pushups in Remaining Time, the Second is Sled with Air Squats in Remaining time, both done Twice. Finisher is Knee & Hip Prehab.
Wednesday it’s Deadlift and a Bodybuilding Workout. Warmup is Deadlift Prep. Deadlift is Building to a Heavy 3 Reps No TnG. Workout is 1:00 of Single Leg Kb DL into 1:00 Side Plank.
Thursday will be a Breathe & Burn Workout. Workout is Filthy Fifty. (One of my Faves!)
Friday is Thrusters and a Muscular Burn Workout. Thrusters are Building to a Heavy Set of 3. Workout is 100 Front Squats with a HSPU Penalty on every Break.
Saturday is the Iron Wolf Recovery CHS Lift off. No regular class. Come cheer on the LocoFam as they hit some PRs in competition!
P.S. CONGRATS to our Nutrition Challenge winners!
First place team: Roberto and John King- 🥇-$100 gym credit + extra month of ongoing coaching
Second place team: Coach Jay and Paul Notaro- 🥈- 1 week free of Mason Meals
Third place team: Ashley A. and Toni Reale- 🥉- 1 tub of Driven Whey Protein
Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who completed the challenge!



A)  Shrink Wrapped

At 0:00 & 14:00
6 min AMRAP
800m/600m Row/Run
In remaining time
AMRAP Pushups

At 7:00 & 21:00
6 min AMRAP
4:00 Sled/Run
In remaining time
AMRAP Air Squat

B) Knee and Hip Prehab

10 min For Quality
10 Cossack Squats
8 Terminal Knee Ext. ea/s
8 Banded Reverse Lunges ea/s

Strategy and Briefing

Treat each interval as its own 6 min AMRAP in this Heavy Breathing → Muscular Burn Workout.  Given the nature of the finishing movements (Ring Pushups & Air Squats), you can push it on the cardio and still recover aerobically before the next bout. Keep the breathing consistent with the pace on the Row/run/sled. Work to stay consistent on the Time throughout — don’t go to hard and fall off a cliff on the second round. Small sets & quick rest on the Ring Pushups will yield the highest reps. Hit failure, you’re dead. Move straight through on the Air Squats at a steady pace. Expect the Ring Pushups & Air Squats to take a slight dip in round 2, but keep it close.

Levels Consideration: Row, UB Push, Rings

Goal:  Get better!


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