Wednesday 2/19/2020


Bulletproof your joints with coach Kelly.

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Want to squat deeper? Sick of wrist pain in your front rack position? Ready to do something about that nagging shoulder? Come learn about the inner workings of functional movement and get tools and tips to fix your joints at the Bulletproof Your Joints Seminar with Coach Kelly!
This seminar provides a foundational toolkit for improving joint function. Through lecture and movement, we will explore the reasons for restriction and pain in your body and empower you to improve and control your range of motion.
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—improve flexibility and mobility
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—understand the HOW and WHY of healthy joint function

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A)  Deadlift

Accumulate 4-6 Sets
5 Reps Building – no Touch and Go

B) Scavenger

For Quality

1 minute Single Leg Kb DL R (12-15 reps 2020 Tempo)
Rest/Transition 20 sec
1 minute Side Plank R
Rest/Transition 20 sec
1 minute Single Leg Kb DL L (12-15 reps 2020 Tempo)
Rest/Transition 20 sec
1 minute Side Plank L
Rest/Transition 20 sec
1 minute AMRAP Ring Rows
Rest/Transition 20 sec
x 3

Strategy and Briefing

Deadlift- Proper deadlift form requires that you pack the shoulders down into place (often neglected). Keep the shoulder blades retracted (pulled together) and depressed down. Engaged shoulders (plus tight glutes & abs) help brace the midline. (These same cues apply to, for example, double-unders … so much similarity among such differences.)

Movement quality is our number 1 goal in today’s Bodybuilding Workout. Start with moderate weight to ensure smooth reps on the Single-leg Deadlifts. Add weight as you become more comfortable with the movement. Hold the Side Plank only as long as the position stays tight. Don’t push through poor positioning for a few extra seconds. Go for big sets on the Pullups & Ring Rows, but focus on technique. Quality over Quantity, even on the AMRAP sets.

Levels Consideration: UB Pull, Deadlift

Goal:  Improve Control


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