Friday 2/21/2020


I’ve gone deep enough down the ‘breath work’ rabbit hole that I even bought those super sexy nasal breathing strips you wear on the bridge of your nose. Emma didn’t know and walked in one day with a look of confusion on her face, “Going to play a football game I didn’t know about?”. Nope, just doing some nasal breathing I said…cue 🙄

Anyway, this deep dive has been evidence enough that breathing is something most of us do an extremely poor job managing. It’s an area of weakness, which means it’s also an area that’s easily improved, translating to a big boost in performance without much effort.

Those are really the areas to focus on because you get a huge return on the investment of your time.

So, come join me at Coach Reid’s seminar and lets do some weird nasal breathing together. I can even bring some creepy nasal strips to share.

P.S. I also use this app called state ( which has made a noticeable difference in life and workouts.



A)  Thruster

Accumulate 4-6 Sets

  5 Reps Building

B)  Dumpster Fire

100 Front Squats 75/55
Every Break- 12 Pushups
Limit – 6 Penalties

Strategy and Briefing

SYSTEM:  Muscular Burn.  Don’t rush the reps or you could burn out too early, and  have to do all 60 HSPU. Perform consistent smooth reps for all sets & reps. Stay away from failure on any of these sets. Coming close to a max set will make it hard to recover without taking up too much time. If you do break,  take your time on the HSPU and rest as needed, in order to hit another big set of Front Squats. You can push it towards the end, but at your own risk. If you hit failure, even with a couple of reps left, it will lengthen the workout significantly. 

Levels Consideration: UB Push, Front Squat, Lactic Tolerance

Goal:  Less than 5 penalties.


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