Monday 2/24/2020

SPRING SCHEDULE 2020- Starts March 1st
For those of you new to the LocoFam we adjust the schedule every quarter based on growth and class attendance.
We don’t take these decisions lightly and I use boatloads of data to substantiate any changes made.
The best thing you can do to have more of a certain class time/type added is VOTE WITH YOUR ATTENDANCE.
Green= Added
Red= Removed
Yellow = Pay attention to Time



A)  The Summit

• Wallballs 20/14
• Abmat Situps

***Any break on Wallballs – 400m Run.  Max 2 penalties / round

B)  Accessory Finisher

12 Single-leg Glute Bridges R
30 sec Swivel Hips
12 Single-leg Glute Bridges L
30 sec Swivel Hips
15 Wood Chops ea/s

Strategy and Briefing

The ascending unbroken sets in this Breathe & Burn Workout will move more into stamina/plumbing as things go on. We start with relatively small sets,  but even so, keep the pace steady and consistent – don’t rush. Plan for the last set — the set of 50 — right from the start.  Keep the same relative pace regardless of the movmenet. The situps will be a rest for the breathing, but keep the breath rate high anyway. On the run, relax the shoulders and breathing, shake out the arms.  Take a rest before getting back to the Wallballs, to ensure you finish the set. To limit fatigue, focus on quality movement & breathing throughout the Wallball sets — meaning, use your legs and relax the shoulders.

Levels Consideration: API, N&C Endurance

Goal:  Sub 15 Min


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