Tuesday 2/25/2020


I wanted to take a sec and also recognize the members of the LocoFam who got medals this weekend!

Our core values are Educate, Empower, Energize, and Elevate. I’m sure you can see it in the pictures, but I’m willing to bet the feeling of empowerment here is OFF THE CHART.

I am so proud of everyone. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. But when you do, incredible things can happen. Most of these people have never competed before, but I bet they’ll do it again. Not much compares to the feeling of accomplishment you get from something like this, whether you podium or not.

So congrats to Lindsay Eisberg, Molly Elisabeth, Linda Smith, Caroline Anderson Parr, Andrew M. Perry, and Justin Beinkampen. You should be very proud of yourselves!



A)  Clean & Jerk

Accumulate 4-6 Sets

3 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk

B)  Grace

For Time

30 Hang Power Clean & Jerks (85/55)

Strategy and Briefing

Any of the many moving parts in a clean can be overlooked. Don’t overlook the feet. When reaching triple extension ー airborne ー the feet should slide out to a squat stance, in order to receive the bar in a secure squat position, down in the bucket, with knees out and hips solid. With feet too close, the knees will travel forward in order to compensate for the lack of space for hips to drop into. For you to squat into the bucket, there has to be a bucket.

Get Under
The key to any successful Jerk is getting under the bar FAST. As soon as you hit full extension in your initial drive, get back under the bar immediately. Drive the bar overhead AND yourself under the bar at the same time. Push yourself down. In a push jerk use the initial dip position as a point of reference for how low to drop.


Smooth is fast. That is what you should be thinking for the entire “Full Body Burn” — Lactic Tolerance Pv(v) — workout. Cut the breaks and you’ll do well in this workout. Do NOT go to failure on the Clean and Jerks, PLAN your breaks. Failure is unpredictable and leads to singles & makes this workout longer. You should NOT hit true failure at all, but you may come close as fatigue sets in (this shouldn’t happen until you are close to the end.) Your breathing should be timed with your clean and jerks, and you should NOT be holding your breath for prolonged periods. Remember to breathe! And, yes, this is true for Lactic work too.

Levels Consideration: Lactic Tolerance, Weightlifting

Goal:  Sub 5 Min


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