Wednesday 2/26/2020

Announcing Moms in Motion!

A very special exercise class designed specifically for Mom’s!

If you’re expecting or a new Mom, this class is perfect for you. Coach Christy leads the class, she is certified in Brianna Battles Pregnant & Postpartum Athletics Course, a new Mom herself, and a compassionate and motivating trainer. She is also the head of Locomotion’s Nutrition Program so she is able to help with all the aspects of motherhood body changes and will help you reach your goals. If you want to move well through pregnancy, have an easier, safer labor, lose some baby weight, feel good and have energy to chase those kids around, she can help with it all.

Classes are only open to 6 participants so we can offer the best small group coaching.

Kids out of school age are welcome to come to class, too!

Free Seminar & Trial Class @ 11:30am 3/20
Classes Begin 3/31 @ 11:30 am and occur every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks.
Silver: two payments of $197
– includes nutrition + 6 weeks of two classes/wk
Bronze: two payments of $147
– no nutrition, just 6 weeks of two classes/wk

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A)  The Long Way Home

2:00 Row
Rest 1:00
2:00 Box Jumps 24/20
Rest 1:00
2:00 Sled
Rest 1:00
2:00 Bodybuilders
Rest 1:00
x 3

Strategy and Briefing

This is a LONG DAY. Your goal in today’s Heavy Breathing Workout to increase reps/cals with each consecutive round.  Start at a conservative pace & focus on consistent breathing throughout. On the Bodybuilders & Box Jumps keep reps consistent & constant throughout the 2 minutes. Do NOT do a bunch of reps fast and then take a break. The bodybuilder was chosen specifically because it allows for a faster cadence.  Approach the Row & sled similarly. Start at a steady pace and hold it. If you feel good around the minute mark, speed up & finish strong. Your last round should be close to max effort.  

Levels Consideration: API

Goal:  280 Reps


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