Thursday 2/27/2020


Bulletproof your joints with coach Kelly is THIS SATURDAY!!

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Want to squat deeper? Sick of wrist pain in your front rack position? Ready to do something about that nagging shoulder? Come learn about the inner workings of functional movement and get tools and tips to fix your joints at the Bulletproof Your Joints Seminar with Coach Kelly!
This seminar provides a foundational toolkit for improving joint function. Through lecture and movement, we will explore the reasons for restriction and pain in your body and empower you to improve and control your range of motion.
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—improve flexibility and mobility
—build strength and tissue resilience
—prevent and rehab injuries
—improve movement capacity
—understand the HOW and WHY of healthy joint function

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A)  Floor Press

Accumulate 5-7 Sets
5 Reps Building

B)  Kamchatka

15 Min AMRAP

10 Kb Suitcase Deadlift 44/26 Non-Dominant
10 Kb Around the World Clockwise
10 One-arm KbS ND
10 Front Rack Squat ND
40 Walking Lunges

Switch Sides/Ways each round

Strategy and Briefing

Floor Press
Pause at bottom
When performing movements in ‘functional fitness’ we often look for the quickest way to accomplish the set, but that’s not the case here. Pause at the bottom of each rep to avoid slamming your elbows on the ground and to force “dead stop” reps. This will force more muscle engagement to complete each rep.

Take your time on this Breathe & Burn Workout to complete quality reps throughout.  Kettlebell movements can get sloppy when rushed, so do NOT rush! Take a quick break between movements to avoid your grip fatiguing early on.  Breathing should remain in rhythm with movements throughout, to support your pace. Go steady through the Walking Lunges to catch your breath & allow recovery.  Remember to switch hands every round. YOu’ll notice that the movements flow into one another Suitcase DL → KB around the world → KB Snatch → KB Front Rack Squat. This should be SMOOTH and controlled moving into the walking lungs. 

Levels Consideration: KettleBell, UB Push

Goal:  280 Reps


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